Salmon is delicious regardless of how it’s seasoned or cooked. Here are some tips on how to select, prepare and cook salmon. 


  • Fish should smell like the sea—not overly fishy. If it does, this means the salmon isn’t fresh. 

  • Choose fish fillets with smooth cuts. Fillets that look dry, have gaps in the flesh, or aren’t firm to the touch, are probably from old fish. 



  • Heat a little olive oil, add Knorr Homestyle Vegetable Stock and stir well over very gentle heat for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and leave to cool for 10 minutes. 

  • Add some lemon juice and sliced garlic. Pour the liquid over the salmon and marinate for 30 minutes before grilling. 


  • Grilling Salmon: Lightly oil the grill to prevent sticking. Keep salmon skin on when grilling to help keep fish in tact. The skin can be easily removed afterwards. 

  • In order to draw out the natural juices of the fish, try sprinkling the salmon with a little salt 2-3 minutes before cooking it. Grill the salmon until it changes color and cuts easily. You can check this by inserting the tip of a sharp knife near the thickest part of the salmon and pulling on it slightly. If it cuts apart easily, it’s ready.